Amari Vitamin C Renewing Serum

Lets get straight to it , this is a great serum. It has a high concentration of Vitamin C , No water added to the serum. Organic herb extracts . Paraben free which is a great thing for a face serum.
This serum does the following for your face …

* Fades sun spots and discoloration
* Minimizes existing wrinkles
* Refines skin texture
* Builds new collagen

I have been using it for a few weeks and I dont have any wrinkles yet , I am 28 years of age , so I can’t really confirm or deny if it helps with that. For my skin I can already see a huge improvement. Not only is the texture smoother, it just looks brighter and more even in color. There isn’t really a smell to the product probably because it is perfume free. Great price as well for this serum , very affordable !

Amari Vitamin C serum
Amari Vitamin C serum

To view or purchase the Amari Vitamin C Serum click the link below.


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