Total Hair Repair Oil by Foxbrim

Here are some basics about the product from the companies page.

HEALTHY LUMINOUS HAIR – Light natural oils nurture hair health from the root the tip. Strengthen while hydrating. Don’t be plagued by split ends. Create healthy volume. Enjoy lively locks that look as healthy as they truly are.
SILKY SOFT WITH NATURAL SHINE – Enjoy weightless hair with that beautiful shine. Make combing and drying a breeze. Finally, frizz-free manageable hair!
STOP LETTING THE WEATHER GET YOU DOWN – Don’t let the seasons dictate your hair health. Take control. Formulated for all hair types. Total Hair Repair Oil promises the most effective treatment for the results you want.
PREMIUM PLANT-BASED FORMULA – Sunflower oil helps to nourish the hair and prevent breakage. Organic Argan Oil creates a tight seal for the hair cuticle. Panthenol fills in cracks and fractures. Shea butter builds volume and movement.
RESULTS BACKED BY AMAZING GUARANTEE – Foxbrim proudly provides you a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Love your results or let us know. We will offer you a full refund. No questions asked.

Now on to my personal experience, my hair tends to get frizzy and I cant stand it , it gets a lot of static as well now that its winter. I put a small pump of this oil in my hands , rub it together and just smooth through the ends of my hair and leave it in all day. My hair was more shiny , less frizzy , and the static was GONE!!
I love that the formula is 100% organic so I am not putting any harmful chemicals into my hair. There is no scent to the product either so its great for those with sensitive noses and allergies.



Check out this Hair Oil at the link below to read other reviews and/or to make a purchase.


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