Gurin Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale

The Gurin Kitchen Scale is most certainly one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. I want to start eating better to lose weight and I was told by a few friends that I needed to get a kitchen scale. I was lucky enough to receive the opportunity to test and review this one in exchange for my honest opinion and review. I love the modern and sleek design , its very sexy if you can call a kitchen gadget sexy … It is very light weight , lighter than my tablet and my kindle.
Very easy to use. Has different forms of measurements such as grams or ounces , pounds , milliliters , and fl.oz as well.
Here are a few of the specifications from the website.

* Features advanced touch sensitive buttons for easy operation
* Boasts a tempered glass surface in reflective black that is 4 times stronger than normal glass, and an award-winning thin design.
* Equipped with 4 new high precision GFX sensors, the Gurin Touch Digital Kitchen Scale provides accurate measurements from 0.05 oz to 12 lbs 10.8 oz (1 gram to 5750 grams).
* Precision Tare features calculates the net weight of the ingredients
* Includes 2 lithium batteries and an easy access battery compartment (no screwdriver needed).

gurin2gurin 3

To purchase or view the Gurin Kitchen Scale click the following link to be directed to their Amazon page.


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