Influenster VoxBox

This was my 1st box I ever received from Influenster. I got the Temptations box for my cat.
Chanel loves the Temptation brand treats and she is still pretty young ( 10 months) so I was anxious to see if she would play with the Snacky Mouse toy. She LOVED it!!! She meows at me every evening wanting me to put some treats into her snacky mouse.

Its very simple to use , turn the mouse head clockwise and it comes off. Pour in a few Temptation treats and then place the head back on clockwise again. The cat will knock and tap at the mouse to turn in to its side so that the treats will fall out.



Influenster is a website where you write your reviews and opinions on all types of different products. You earn badges and can also earn free vox boxes along the way. If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing head on over to to sign up today.


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